History and Activities of KOCEA

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Brief History

  • 1987.12

    Establishment of KOCEA

  • 1989.01

    Foundation of KOCEA Journal

  • 1995.08

    Turned into a legal organizations under the Construction Technology Management Act

  • 2001.03

    Designated Construction Engineers Day

  • 2014.11

    Opened Daegu & Daejeon Branch Offices

  • 2016.03

    Built annex to main building of KOCEA

  • 2017.11

    Established Korea Institute for Construction Policy

  • 2018.10

    Enacted and declare Charter of Construction Engineers’ Right

  • 2019.03

    Elected chairman through direct votes

  • 2019.12

    Built new Main building of KOCEA

Primary Activities

Activities for basic goals

  • To maintain dignity and develop engineering ability of the Members
  • To promote welfare and rights of the Members
  • For public relations and publication of bi-monthly magazine
  • For career management and research on upgrading expertise of the Members

Activities delegated from the Government

  • To receipt career reports of construction engineers
  • To maintain the records and to issue career certificates
  • To certify the career of the Members on the request of government agencies for ??sanction, permission, registration and licence
  • To maintain the records of business suspension which were caused by false ??career reports or illegal licence rental
  • To maintain the records of business suspension which were caused by ??unprofessional negligence in design or services